Decatur Fish Farm (DFF) in Bainbridge, GA is a family operated business started in 1997 with a goal of raising premium farm-raised catfish for wholesale distribution.  We knew we loved catfish and soon found out how much others love it, too!  To meet our retailer's needs for products we contract with other growers, processors and suppliers and expanded our product line to include whole, filet and nugget catfish, wild harvested shrimp, farm raised scallops, tilapia and alligator. 

Our products are individually quick frozen and available in two pound bags (unless otherwise noted).  We currently deliver to over 260 retailers in S.W. Georgia, S. Alabama and N.W. Florida.  In most retailers you'll find our products in our DFF freezers.  Each store is on a scheduled delivery to replenish products.  
We also offer our products in bulk for special occasions - Contact Us or your closest retail location.  A printable copy of this website can be found on the Contact Us page. 

Today our farm consists of eight catfish ponds, brood stock pond, a hatchery for growing fingerlings, a processing plant, bagging and delivery operations.

    We pride ourselves in providing you a 
    quality fresh frozen product.  

    We appreciate our retailers, their   
    customers and the opportunity to
    provide them delicious seafood!

              Bruce, Glen and Al Cromer
Enjoy some
seafood tonight! 

 Look for our freezer
in your local retail store...
You know you want some!              

Our freezers

 Mouth watering and oh so good!

 ...if you can't find one, ask your retailer to
contact us to start carrying our products!


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